Jewelry Storage

Storing jewelry can be a challenge. Luckily, I've been in the business for 10 years now and know a thing or two about the best ways to store your most precious gems. 

I know traditional jewelry boxes aren't the most popular thing anymore, however there are some really good alternatives that are fashionable and functional. Not only do they help keep your jewelry organized but it also helps keep the jewelry from tarnishing. I have linked a couple of my favorite jewelry boxes / storage solutions below that will not only protect your jewelry from tarnishing but it will keep the dust out and will look super cute in your bedroom! Fun. (Updated 3/27/20)

Closed Storage

I just got this jewelry storage kit for all of my jewelry this year and I am LOVING IT. It's visually appealing and it is perfect for every piece I own except my big statement necklaces. It's a little bit of an investment but I am super happy with it. 

These are a practical jewelry storage container at an inexpensive price! I use them everyday for my business and they are awesome. 

Perfect to store your rings or bracelets! I personally own this and I LOVE it! Plus you can stack these on top of each other and it will be a great space saver. 

This is another great jewelry box ! 


Open Storage  

This might be the best idea for earrings and necklaces. Keeps everything nice and neat and you can even put rings or cuffs on the top of the shelves. Win win!

I use these ring dishes for my everyday rings because I always want them to be accessible. Handmade in CA. 

This is a cute personalized ring dish that I found on Etsy. 

I use these for my rings and store them in my closet or a drawer. Click here .

Here are some pictures of how I store my jewelry using some of the items above. 

turquoise jewelry

turquoise rings

images by Kelsey Albright