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About Us

St. Eve Jewelry is an eclectic style of bohemian jewelry for the girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. We specialize in unique jewelry, both new and vintage and hand select only the finest pieces from local vendors. The jewelry that we carry has been handmade in Nepal, Turkey, and the United States. 

I have always had a love and passion for vintage jewelry. Each piece feels so special and unique. Jewelry holds a special meaning to everyone and this is why I started my jewelry shop. It all started with a vintage pendant necklace. The chains that were on these necklaces were old and outdated and needed a fresh look. So I did just that and re-invented them. Thus St. Eve was born. At first I started out small selling to local boutiques and then slowly grew over the next four years into selling our brand to amazing retail stores such as Free People, Swell and Cleobella. At this point we were no longer selling one of a kind vintage pendant necklaces because the interest in our brand grew so big that we had to meet the demand and find jewelry in mass quantities. In 2014 we slowly went back to our "roots" in selling one of a kind vintage finds, only this time it was vintage turquoise and we have been selling it ever since. 

St. Eve is named after my husband Steve. Because when you find someone who supports you and tells you to chase your do it and then you name your company after them. Yah feel me? 

St. Eve Jewelry Est. 2009

Located in Sunny California