How I turned a Bedroom into a Jewelry Showroom

Hey babes,

As I am preparing for our second child to arrive in July, I thought it would be fun to do a little post on my "jewelry showroom." We have had an extra bedroom for years and about 3 years ago I decided that I was going to take over this space and make it my jewelry room. But before it turns into baby land lets do a blog post to remember the jewelry room/ gypsy den. 

Anyone can achieve this look even if you want to do a more scaled down version of it. All you really need is a hammer, nails, decorative hooks (if you desire) and some wall hanging pieces (mirror, picture frames, art work etc) to help break up the look of all the jewelry. 

Here, I decided that I wanted my cow skull to be the main focus. And from there, I took my statement necklaces and hung them around it. I made a little section for my bracelets as well as made a section for my necklaces to hang facing forward (so you can see them in all their beautiful glory). Sometimes it looks good to line 3-5 nails up and have a section next to it that goes diagonal. Check out my pictures below for some inspiration. 


Photos by Kelsey Albright