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How I turned a Bedroom into a Jewelry Showroom

Hey babes, As I am preparing for our second child to arrive in July, I thought it would be fun to do a little post on my "jewelry showroom." We have had an extra bedroom for years and about 3 years ago I decided that I was going to take over this space and make it my jewelry room. But before it turns into baby land lets do a blog post to remember the jewelry room/ gypsy den.  Anyone can achieve this look even if you want to do a more scaled down version of it. All you really need is a hammer, nails, decorative hooks (if you desire) and some wall hanging pieces (mirror, picture frames, art work etc)...

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Blogger Babe... Leah Hoffman

Leah Hoffman is someone who we have had the pleasure of working with since 2013. I distinctly remember finding her page for the first time through a online store that we used to sell to. They featured her wearing our jewelry and I was immediately drawn to her style and aesthetic. Her vibes and style just spoke to me and I knew that I had to reach out and collaborate with her and boy she did not disappoint! Since then, Leah has been so amazing with supporting our small business with beautiful pictures of her wearing our jewelry in very unique ways and I am forever grateful. Leah likes to keep it real. She does what she wants which is...

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Blogger Babe... Alexis Jade Kaiser

We have been following Alexis on instagram for quite some time. And we were so excited to get to collaborate with her on a mini shoot featuring our Turquoise jewelry. One thing that we love about her is that she isn't afraid to be who she is #pinkhairdontcare. Also her and I are about 1 week apart with our pregnancies and it's been so fun to get to have another babe like her to be on this amazing journey with. Below is a Q & A and some amazing photos that her and her husband captured so beautifully. You can shop the jewelry with the tags under each photo. We hope you are inspired as much as we are with...

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Jewelry Storage

Storing jewelry can be a challenge. Luckily, I've been in the business for almost 10 years now and know a thing or two about the best ways to store your most precious gems.  I know traditional jewelry boxes aren't the most popular thing anymore, however there are some really good alternatives that are fashionable and functional. Not only do they help keep your jewelry organized but it also helps keep the jewelry from tarnishing. I have linked a couple of my favorite jewelry boxes / storage solutions below that will not only protect your jewelry from tarnishing but it will keep the dust out and will look super cute in your bedroom! Fun.  Closed Storage Perfect to store your rings...

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Blogger Babe...Tessa Barton

We recently collaborated with one of our favorite bloggers, Tessa Barton. There are a few things we love about this girl and her mad style. She illuminates magic with the photos she takes. And her style is nothing short of amazing. We can't get enough of her boho vibes and we hope you enjoyed her insta take over that she recently did with us. Tessa currently resides in the heart of New York and took us to one of her favorite places in East Village, Manhattan. Here she makes us swoon over the amazing vintage turquoise pieces that she put together in the most fashion forward way. Bow down to the boho babe. Yasss girl yasssss. Much love for you...

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