Step up your earring game

It's no secret that we have become obsessed with earrings this last year. Like, Hi...HELLO...I can't get enough! I'm here for it all. Vintage inspired, modern, plain, simple studs. You name it. I want it all. Oh and another thing we can't get enough of are ear cuffs! They are the perfect alternative to getting your ear pierced. It's just a win win.

Here are a couple that we are currently crushing on.

Hallow Hoops - light weight and gold filled. Perfect for everyday wear.  


From the top... CZ U Earrings  gives you a little sparkle with a unique huggie look. 

Middle left... Mini Harlow Hoops  I wear these every week. They go with any outfit!

Middle Right... Harlow Hoops  Love the vintage feel of these. 


 STUDS! We can’t get enough of them. We like to mix them in with hoops or wear a few at a time. It’s also cute to wear them mismatched. Experiment and have fun with it! 



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